Omens Part Three

Right now I am revelling in solitude and rest. So this will be a quick one, I have a sofa to get back to.

Day before yesterday, December 29, corresponds to April of 2014, and I spent the day feeling ill. It was somewhat self-induced, as I allowed myself to become pulled into one of those pointless Facebook arguments where everyone claims to want input from an “expert” but as soon as that arrives, they get defensive and start attacking.I’m not going into details but the topic was, sigh, turmeric (you know that one herb every dog should be taking copious amounts of all the time, as it cures cancer? yeah, that one)… I then felt pretty “jaundiced” (too much fatty food and sugar, too much beer and wine, I never ever drink daily anymore) and so I came to understand the  significant factor as the colour yellow. I am hoping this points to early arrival of dandelions this year, but it carries a huge range of potential meaning, and the one message I take away from that day is, don’t do things that make you ill..engage in Internet arguments, eat and drink too much.

No signs in nature but I was not feeling up to a walk that day anyway!

Yesterday kicked off with my driving Alex to the airport at 8 am – driving back, still feeling a little “yellow” and certainly not used to driving! I went from the airport to Westboro via Kanata, losing my way in a city I’ve known well for two decades.(Ottawa people will appreciate this remarkable idiocy).I got home about 11 or so, and got straight to work cleaning up. (Alex cleans the kitty litters, but he is a real kitchen-pig, and we just had a week or so of more cooking than I normally do in a month or more). I realized we have extra bread from the stuffing and decided to take it out back for the birds (mostly starlings, blue jays, crows and the occasional black cap right now, feed on the bread). I had thrown out some chicken parts the previous day, after making Dan’s food, without paying a lot of attention to where they landed, there is too much snow to walk very far. And what greeted me when I arrived with the stale bread, was a perfect circle of bird tracks, all the way around the rowan tree I had planted in memory of my brother. I didn’t take a picture, and today the nonstop light snowfall has covered it up. But in the bright sunny morning, the track of little bird feet around this symbol of so much love, was very stirring. For May, I look forward to something magical indeed – haven’t nailed it yet, but it is connected to love of place (I planted several rowans for my beloved waxwings to feast on) love of one’s family, generosity(I do give every day to my birds and other familiars) and safety..the circle. No need to rush meaning – taking note is what counts in this exercise.

Spent the rest of the day at rest, in this deep cold, surrounded by dogs, cats, books and music,  and I think I will do that again right now.

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