Meet-up at Le Hibou

It’s hard to believe, casting back over this blog, how long has passed since my previous entry. Those who know me in real life, know how much I have on my plate right now – too much, no question, but it’s good work and needs to be done. Sadly, things I love – like this blog – can suffer. I did grow herbs this year, although not as energetically as in years past. I did some wildcrafting – and am off to gather goldenrod this week – but nowhere near as much in years past. Right now, every spare moment I have that is not geared to ThePossibleCanine, is geared to my thesis, my courses at NAIMH, and my animals.

I am tired, but looking forward to a lot of growth in  my business over the next five years. We all need income to live, and I am blessed to be able to work at a thing I love. Change is in the wind; and I’ll post much more on that in the months ahead. (For one thing, I will  be able to meet with clients in person in Wakefield for now, and possibly soon in Ottawa as well).

No matter how much work there is, how great the challenges, I need time to spend in the forest, garden and fields, and my kitchen, making medicines. I need practical herb time, and I need friends who love the green world and all Her Mysteries, as much as I do.

Hence, despite the setbacks with  the Midsummer Herbwalk (I will know next year, not to schedule it for Father’s Day!) we are going ahead with a meet-up. I figure, if holidays and heat and summer vacations prevent a good herbwalk so far – nothing an stop us all from getting together, locally, to meet in person and talk abut herbs.

I’ve chosen the wonderful Le Hibou, on Riverside Road in Wakefield, for our meeting.

The date is Sunday, August 19, at Le Hibou at 10:00 am.

Le Hibou, for those coming from outside the village is located at  757 Riverside Drive.

If you can confirm whether you’ll be coming or not, that would be greatly appreciated. I have 10 confirmed and 3 maybes so far. I can be reached by any of these means:

– by phone, 819-459-1049

– by email,

– on Facebook, there is a group set up for us at

I look forward to meeting many I have previously only corresponded with online.  Let’s get this group rolling…see where the dance takes us next.