Omens continued the time of rest and renewal passes, I find myself already stretched too thin. This will be a year of changes. For now, I need to keep up here… So, rather than put off my entries, because it’s dinnertime and I am rushing about! here is what I have discovered since the last entry.

There have been four, corresponding to June, July  August and September.And these were:

June: Very simply, I saw the wren again. It is probably a Bewick’s – rare in the extreme in these parts and even more unlikely to fly up and sit outside the window.  I first saw him on Christmas Day; on New year’s Eve he was back. Much, much folklore and mythology surrounding the wren; deserves a whole entry. What I am taking relates to my Druidry.  ’nuff said for now.



July: I had a  day of rest. No going out, no seeking. So I pulled a card from my Tree Angels deck, which is very special to me. I received the Cherry Spirit.Self acceptance, self-love, bliss.

Do not judge yourself
By your achievements
You have nothing to prove
You are already loveable
So love yourself, spoil yourself
Draw the nectar from the chalice to your lips!

Bliss is the birthright of all creation

Fred Hageneder, The Tree Angel Oracle


August: That was yesterday. The first day I’ve taken a car – a safe, reasonable car – out for a spin in soo long. Years. I still feel ill – have had a flare-up after working so much last year and then straight through he holidays, cooking/cleaning etc – and while I’m on the mend I wasn’t 100% good. The sign of the day was not a thing in nature, but three times, I was helped or entertained by strangers. all very French. I drove through the village wondering what freedom would be like if I could keep it (the car, as I have been completely dependent on others for years now).  The word “Carol” is involved. Carol a person, carol as in a song.  I feel this is an omen of kindness and generosity, for sure I do…but I can be distracted too easily by the hope of community. I’ve been in this house ten years and only NOW do I start to connect with anyone close by. I need to be careful, I am easily influenced by that which I have longed for.


September. Today I saw a strange S shaped pattern in the snow outside. It looks as if a bird laded, wandered through the snow making a sign, then flew off. It’s just…a serpent shape. I don’t know what it means. Renewal, rejuvenation, as in a snake shedding it’s skin? That might make sense, in the larger context of things.



I hear the stockpot boiling and I have 30 sweet potatoes peeled and prepped to go. I’m not very inspired today, but I’ve kept my promise to record what I notice.

And so it goes.


The Cherry Tree, by Catrin Welz-Stein


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