Omen December 28

Yesterday was the third day of my Omen-alert, and I did get out, well out, into the bush yesterday. I have not walked my beloved  Danny as much usual recently; yesterday was mostly for him, but also, of course, for me – as I am looking…opening to…whatever March’s message may be.

Walking that line between calm, open acceptance.. and “goddammit I want an Omen!”.

Yesterday made it kind of easy.

First let me say that there are trails and wooded areas and lakes and streams all around this little nexus, my house, here in the wilds of Rupert. <g> Dan and I wander them all, we have done for 7years now – although sadly – some are sprayed with herbicides, some are being developed, some are now hunting retreats (for the Native American wannabe’s in our midst, and there are many) and so I do not have the same freedom here as I once had. This trek we took yesterday, it is still pretty wild, stirring and unaffected by humans.


I brought a camera, but it didn’t hold up. I need new batteries.

Dan was ecstatic, and I was therefore happy; his joy is my joy.(Note gratuitous picture of my beautiful dog, above).

I looked for things; Y-shaped trees and odd snow patterns and, you know, the white hart and all.I know it doesn’t work this way, quite, but this is a new exercise..

squirrel tracks..many rabbits…white tails…a coyote…

Well, I found something of great power, to me anyway – deep into our trek, I found a long, long row of white spruce and balsam fir that had had their lower branches cut off, and were offering a HUGE amount of resin – probably more  than I can even use ( and I can use a lot). In years past I have looked and looked and not found anything even close to this. Yesterday I was looking only for an augury and then…there it all was.

I left a gift of seeds and prayer; I kept my eyes open (somewhat)on the way back, and then I flopped on the sofa and watched movies and slept the day away.

Was spruce the omen? Conifers? Get yourself geared to the gifts of the earth? Respiratory flu on the horizon?

Nah, I think it was subtler, much as I love spruce tip elixir and fir-scented…everything.

I think March’s omen is slanted towards the healing recovery we can find even in situations that look so hurtful, like the conifers all along the snowshoe trail I trekked yesterday.
It’s about wild medicine, and the power of the immediate and the underestimated.
It’s about following one’s biss and not what keeps the bills paid(can I still indulge myself, at this ripe advanced age?)

It’s about breathing into the mystery, not being bought, living simply and restoring the Old Ways and ancient knowledge.

It’s about hope.

That’s March – and we shall see…what will today bring, and what news for April?

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