Wakefield Meetups 2014

I have been away a  long time, working on the dog-site, with clients and on my Intro to Animal herbalism course. It’s been a strange and lengthy winter too, with spring only now starting to show her face, more in the arrival of all our beloved birds, than in plants quite yet. I did see some coltsfoot on our hike today, and the ever-eager trout lilies are poking their leaves up defiantly, but it’s still very chilly, and perhaps will be a while yet.

All I know is, I need to get this herb group going, and so I’m just posting a schedule and putting the word out. If it turns out I am sitting alone in le Hibou, May 4th, that’s fine too. I’ll have a book and order brunch and Will you all to join me the next time.
But I do hope some will turn out.

This year I am going to hold a couple of weedwalks, and a few classes, either at the Wakefield or the more quaint (and closer) Rupert Community centre. The dates are TBA, but the topics for classes will include Intro to Animal Herbalism, basic medicine making, tree medicine and whatever else people ask for. This all remains to be seen, after I hear back and we actually get started.  See you on the 4th?



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