Outaouais Herbalists – second Meet- up December 2

It has been a while since the first meet-up,  how easily time can  get away from us, with all our busy lives. This is the season now to slow down, unwind, take time for ourselves and family. Samhain is soon going to be upon us – tomorrow! and, after that, we move on to
the beginning of winter.. In anticipation, I’d like to invite everyone
to a pre-winter herbal get-together in beautiful Wakefield. This time we’ll meet at the historic
Earle House. Like the last get-together I hosted over the summer,
this will be an opportunity to meet face-to-face and share ideas with
others who are interested in plant medicine. This time, the focus
will be on herbs for colds and ‘flu – managing the symptoms, as well as prevention. We might use some of the
“herbal helps” I described in my last post on the subject, for those newer to the topic. I’d love
to hear if anyone has tried any of these yet, and how they worked.

Date: Sunday December 2nd
Time: 2pm – 5pm
Location: Earl House at 1 Valley Drive in Wakefield

I appreciate knowing how many to expect, so I can book space at the Earle. Please let me know if you’re planning on coming!

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