Update on the HerbWalk

Things have been busy here at the Ark in Rupert; summer is always filled with wildcrafting, gardening – and then  processing the bounty – on top of, not instead of the regular hours of animal care, client work, teaching and study. Yesterday I finally cleared three very large mallows out of one bed, to use the leaves in infusions and salve, and the root is a go-to here for tummy troubles (human and canine)…I would have preferred to wait for flowers, but the mallows are choking out my beloved Hyssop, and the weather has been so very odd this year I felt sure it was wiser to move them sooner than later. Today I’m taking in Motherwort (tincture, vinegar, dried for teas) and rounding up just a bit more chickweed for the salve I started yesterday. I check almost daily on the elder growing near to where I keep my horse; given the stage it was at yesterday, I’d say we will have flowers by Sunday. Which, really, brings me to the point of the entry today; it looks like Sunday’s HerbWalk will need to be moved.

When I set this day I was looking for a time close to the Solstice – I really had no idea this was Father’s Day, coming up. And, twelve of the twenty five interested people have had to definitely cancel, due to family needs, with five more saying they will *try* to make it. I think I would rather wait, and have everyone able to attend. 🙂 The following weekend is Jean Baptiste Day, which means many have plans, and then Canada Day. My next available date is July 15th and while it is late, it enables everyone to attend (hopefully). This has been a strange year for the plants, and if all goes well I’ll hold a series of walks next year so we can identify and work with plants at various stages of development throughout the growing season. For this year, just getting the one Walk set up is proving a bit of a challenge, but it will be worth it. I have hand-outs on botany, on the plants we’ll be seeing that you can start to use right away, on basic salve making , a core Recommended Reading and Internet list, and more. So, let’s see if we can confirm a date for all concerned and move forward.

I am so much looking forward to meeting the keenly interested folks who have written and called, and having a magical day in the forest and fields.

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