Enchanted Forest Midsummer: Herb walk in the Gatineau Hills

I’m excited to offer this fun and informative event, just before Midsummer this year, a full day if you’re up for it, or you can do the halfday and head home when you’re ready. The idea is, we’ll star in one area of the forest, known for plenty of Solomon’s Seal, mullein, wild geranium, ginger, cohosh and many medicinal trees…wind our way over to my house for lunch and check out the herbs in my garden – comfrey, plantain, nettles, echinacea, mallows, hyssop, mugwort, yarrow, calendula and many more- many will know but still fun to discuss. Then we’ll wind up going to Dakota’s field, a wide expanse of farmland that segues into a magical little forest at the edge of Johnson’s Lake..filled with goldenrod, elder, vervain, boneset, loostrife (yes it has uses!)  gravel root, self heal, St John’s wort and more.
If anyone is up for a glass of wine in Wakefield afterwards I’d be open to that too.

Sunday June 17.  No fee, but donations to cat rescue are appreciated. Donna and I will make lunch. She’s a better cook than I am, and I’m no slouch in the kitchen if I say so myself.

Yes, this is a general herbwalk – applications for humans and animals will be discussed. Bring notebooks, sunscreen, a hat, and water.

Details will follow, but I appreciate some idea as to who is coming.


Vervain (Verbena hastata)


Boneset (Eupatorium perfoliatum)


Harvest of Goldenrod (Solidago canadensis) ready to be made into oils and tincture



Dakota says hello!

Namaste, Catherine

2 thoughts on “Enchanted Forest Midsummer: Herb walk in the Gatineau Hills

  1. I am so coming! Haven’t done anything like this since my university days, and you are even in my old stomping grounds. Had many wonderful field trips in the area when I was getting my BSc, major in botany, sooo long ago.

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