Midsummer Musings

Re-posted from last Midsummer (2011)

The early morning sun, high in the North, burns a blaze of fiery orange as he rises above the crest of rocky, densely forested hills to the East. A haze hangs over everything; the dogs are listless from the get-go, the air is redolent with new mown hay, and even the robin seem too lazy to sing his usual morning song. I’ve been at work for three hours now, and done not half of what I usually accomplish. I’m sweaty, a little grouchy but deeply blissed out at the same time – it’s a humid, pre-storm morning in the Gatineau Hills, squarely between the Fairy magic of Midsummer and the glorious revelry of Lammas.

We had a lovely and magical Midsummer this year. Alex drove me around looking (in vain) for St.John’s wort, but I did gather a little yarrow, and plenty vervain, cinquefoil and rue… made a solar cross myself from vine in our back yard (I’ve made many before but purchased the materials)…started all my rose work….a lovely time. I miss having a circle with fellow Pagans, but I never let that stop me from deep celebration and attunement.

A few Midsummer pics:

Solar Cross in Eastern window

At Midsummer, reflection on purification, reinforcement of protection, and above all, fairy-magic.
It was a good one, this year, and I hope yours was as well.

One thought on “Midsummer Musings

  1. Cat- I LOVE your solar cross- beautiful!! hmmm. I think I my need to make one of those for my new place 😉

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